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Neptune 2

Innovative, compact hot-water unit with unique vertical design, high-performance and great reliability.

The Neptune 2 model is ideal for everyday, low-frequency cleaning tasks in the automotive segment, for tradesmen or around small farms. Neptune 2 combines a unique, highly mobile design with great performance levels and groundbreaking features from the larger Neptune lines. Neptune 2 ensures low cost of cleaning with reduced running costs and low storage requirements due to the compact design, yet a high level of reliability thanks to the many safety functions and professional materials used. It is an unbeatable addition to the hot-water line.
The new EcoPower Boiler system developed by Nilfisk-Alto is more than 92% Fuel Efficient, which means you are saving the environment and your money. Because the boiler operates with cleaner combustion, soot build-up is lessened, reducing boiler maintenance and saving fuel costs. That means you have less down time and fewer man hours spent on maintenance.
Basic Specifications:
Neptune 2-30                                                                                             Standard Features:
2,000 PSI                                                                                                    Automatic Start/Stop
3.0 GPM                                                                                                     Steam Capability
4.0 HP                                                                                                        Universal Plus Lance
230 V 20 Amp, Single Phase                                                                        Anti-Leak Function
3500 RPM                                                                                                   Tornado Plus Nozzle
180 / 302 Degree F Max. Outlet Water Temp                                                 Chemical Injector
4.5 Gallon Fuel Tank                                                                                    Ergo 2000 Gun
0.9 Gal/hour Fuel Consumption                                                                     Ergo 3000 Coupling System
218 lbs. –  Weight                                                                                        Ceramic Pistons
24x27x43 in Dimensions (LxWxH)                                                                 92% Efficient Burner
33 ft. HP Hose
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