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Neptune 3

Big Things Come in Small Packages

The Neptune 3 is the perfect companion for those who don’t want to carry around a big machine, but want big results. It’s built to the industry’s highest standard and is willing to take on the biggest jobs. It’s easy to transport and features one control panel for all operations.


The new EcoPower Boiler system developed by Nilfisk-Alto is more than 92% Fuel Efficient, which means you are saving the environment and your money. Because the boiler operates with cleaner combustion, soot build-up is lessened, reducing boiler maintenance and saving fuel costs. That means you have less down time and fewer man hours spent on maintenance.


Neptune 3-30X

Basic Specifications:                                                                  Standard Features:

2000 PSI Pump Pressure (max)                                                   Auto Start/Stop

2.8 GPM Water Flow (max)                                                         Steam Capability

176 / 302 degrees F Max. Outlet Water Temp.                              Tornado Plus Lance

220 V, 20 Amp, Single Phase Power                                            Anti-Leak Function

4.0 HP Motor                                                                              Tornado Plus Nozzle

1750 RPM Motor RPM                                                                 Chemical Injector

6.5 Gal. Fuel Tank                                                                       Ergo 2000 Gun

1.0 Gal./hour Fuel Consumption                                                    Ergo 3000 Coupling System

275 lbs. Weight                                                                           Ceramic Pistons

42x27x30 in Dimensions (LxWxH)                                                 92% Efficient Burner

33 ft. HP Hose

Hose Reel

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