Rock-Solid Cleaning Equipment

The Poseidon 7 series are truly heavy duty machines, suitable for all demanding cleaning tasks in industries like agriculture, industry, transportation, and building/construction. The high water flow of the Poseidon 7 series makes it very useful for applications where a high level of dirt has to be removed or flushed away.

The Poseidon 7 series offers you rock-solid cleaning equipment with its heavy-duty C3 pumps, powerful 1750 RPM motors, and ceramic pistons. It can hold water of up to 185°F and features the Ergo 2000 Spray Gun for powerful cleaning.

Basic Specifications:

Poseidon 7-52 FA

2200 PSI Pump Pressure (max)
5.0 GPM Water Flow (max)
7.3 HP Motor
1/208-230/30 Power Ph/V/A196 lbs Weight
31x23x40 Dimensions (LxWxH)

Poseidon 7-67FA

2750 PSI Pump Pressure (max)
5.5 GPM Water Flow (max)
8.8 HP Motor
3/220/25 or 3/460/13 Power Ph/V/A
196 lbs. Weight
31x23x40 Dimensions (LxWxH)

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